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View of Larry Dignan :

At the Revenue Bootcamp Conference in Mountain View, Calif., panelists discussed the best ways to drive traffic to your Site. Dion Lim, COO of, stresses his company’s success with partnerships–if you make people money, he says, they’ll be your friends for life. Neil Patel, a Quick Sprout Blogger, says to develop relationships with bloggers to generate buzz, and Anita Cohen-Williams, founder of MySearchGuru, claims that organic SEO is not dead–rather, it’s still very important. The panel was moderated by Charlene Li, founder of The Altimeter Group.

Source : Larry Dignan

View of Michael Ferrantino :

I recently read a posting, where the poster was looking for an SEO specialist who could work with the metadata for a Specific product / asset. The reason the ad Struck me, is that they were looking for a "specialist" - but at the same time dictating the best methodology for accomplishing their SEO needs. If you're working in Corporate America in technology, you'll understand this posting to be a part of daily Life - a quite Dilbert-esque daily life.

Let's get some facts straight about SEO. Because best practices are changing daily, I suggest:

* Read up on the subject -daily
* View SEO in the proper perspective
* Assemble a small SEO team and meet at least once a week (this meeting should take 15 minutes or less)
* Monitor performance -daily

Viewing SEO in the Proper perspective means that SEO is not a stand alone effort. Like all marketing efforts, it should be part of a larger arsenal that includes, AdWords, viral efforts (blogging), advertising and PR. We've worked with clients that ignore PR but were heavy into advertising and vice versa. Without getting into the ongoing debate about PR vs. Advertising, the correct methodology is coordination & balance between all efforts. When your campaigns are running, your website needs to match what's in those campaigns.

Your SEO team should include a webmaster & marketing person (if possible, junior-level will suffice). What should be discussed during the weekly meeting is traffic analysis and if applicable - sales & competition.

At the beginning of this blog I talked about metadata. The current problem with metadata is that search engines are more commonly crawling what's on the pages of a site -rather than what's in the metadata. For example, our site has a visually weighted home page. Given this information - we now have to switch our strategy to include more product descriptions, which is something we were always reluctant to do because we know that most consumer purchases are based on the strength of the product images. Here, SEO changes what was once a best practice for selling product --not because it doesn't work anymore once a customer gets to your page - but because of the necessity of getting the Customer to your page in the first place.

Source : Michael Ferrantino

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What is SMO ? SEO Delhi/NCR India , Social Media Optimization best Services provided by

" Site Management Organization; performs and manages research for individual Investigative Sites. SMOs' responsibilities include patient recruitment and protocol management."

* A lot of people know about search engine optimization, or SEO, but SMO is a relatively new term. It stands for social media optimization and goes along with the phenom of “Web 2.0.” SMO is another technique to help a website or brand show up in the search engines.

Social Media Optimization basically includes placing a website/person/product/service on the various social media networks (Facebook, Ning, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.), and social bookmarking sites (, Mixx, BackFlip, Digg) so that the search engines see more inbound links.

The trick is to know which ones of the hundreds out there of Social Media sites are the best. Another interesting ebook is The Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Social Marketing Sites . Bill Ortell has taken the time to go through the many sites and subject them to specific criteria. He examines social networks, bookmarking sites, and video sites. I heartily recommend this book as an excellent place to start.

* Social media optimization is in many ways a technique of Internet marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites, and therefore, you require through Social media optimization (SMO) professionals who could create an impact which is not only optimized to potential but also ethical.

Social media optimization could be considered as one of the methods of search engine marketing, yet there are few differences too. The main focus of Social media optimization is to drive traffic from sources other than search engines. However, improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO.

Is SMO The New SEO?

Well, the short answer is “no”.

What is SMO? Social Media Optimization. In other words, infiltrating social media sites like FaceBook, YouTube etc to get your marketing messages across.

“I am not even sure that corporations fully understand and appreciate SEO yet and it’s been around for a good 10 years now. I think SMO will be different though, ’social’ everything seems to be taking off right now at warp speed and the companies that don’t start participating will be left behind.“

The environment is a bit Different with Social Networks. The minute they become obviously compromised by marketing messages, their value quickly disappears. The same thing nearly killed search engines. Google got around this problem by introducing trust markers that are increasingly hard to game.. The same thing will happen with social networks, but those trust markers will take a lot longer to build, driving up costs, and reducing the value proposition for short-medium term advertisers. It will also be difficult to measure return quickly and transparently, which is a key value proposition of SEO/SEM..

Still, it will be interesting to see how (if?) social media is monetarised in the coming years. I think it will almost certainly be via fairly traditional advertising methods i.e. page & media views.

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Forget Social Media, SEO and PPC is Where the Money's , SEO Delhi/NCR India #1 Consultant Company , SEO Consultant India

Social Media has grown like a weed on the consumer usage Front but when it comes to revenue, Social Media hasn't yet found enough Friends in the form of advertisers to cement its place as a Digital Marketing Staple.

According to Forrester Research, however, that will all change by 2014. As our own Meghan Keane detailed, spending on Social Media Marketing will grow to over $3bn by then, up from an Estimated $716m this year, Forrester predicts.

While that's impressive growth, Forrester's predictions also demonstrate why the anticipated growth in spending on Social Media is a red herring: by 2014, 59% of the total online ad spend will go to SEO and PPC. That represents $31.5bn of the total online ad spending pie, or more than 10 times the size of the social media slice..

This is an Important point that cannot be underestimated by Digital Marketers, entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

As great as Social Media is, here's the problem: while there's good reason to believe that social media has a bright future and a $3.1bn/year market is nothing to cough at, assuming Forrester's numbers are not going to be exceeded by a significant amount (say double or triple),, social media will represent a limited market.

$3.1bn may sound like a lot of Money but in the overall scheme of things, it isn't. Furthermore, and most importantly, given the structure of the Social Media Market, it's questionable as to how much of that will be available to smaller players. Already, today's most prolific social media revenue generators (Facebook and MySpace) already account for the vast majority of social media spend and in fact, if projections of their 2009 revenues are accurate, almost all of the $716m Forrester sees being spent on social media this year will be attributable to Facebook and MySpace.

Marc Andreessen, who is on the board of Facebook, has gone so far as to state that Facebook could pull in a Billion a year in Revenue if it pressed monetization. Whether you believe him or not, it's clear that Facebook alone is currently a primary beneficiary of a significant chunk of the social media spend.

The Key take-away from this for those Looking for the greatest Digital Marketing opportunities over the next 5 years is that unless social media finds some business model steroids and there is a sudden fragmentation in a market that is today dominated by a handful of players, the slice of the ad spending pie that belongs to social media has already been saved for someone else.

So while social media is here to stay and there is some opportunity, if you're looking for the biggest opportunities in Digital Marketing, chances are you're going to find them in search. That you can take to the bank.

Source : Patricio Robles

Share Your Way to Better SEO, With SEO Delhi/NCR India US UK USA , SEO Consultant Company Providing SEO Services in India

When people Talk about SEO, It's frequently in Hushed tones,, like some great secret is being discussed.. Even more often,, It's based more in esoteric questions than statements: What goes into PageRank?? How does one sculpt it?? How many tags are too many??

It's much more "Da Vinci Code" than 'Indiana Jones,' as much as SEOs might prefer to imagine themselves in an Indy hat with a whip in one hand and the key to some lost civilization's knowledge in the other and a John Williams soundtrack in the background. C'mon, don't pretend you're not thinking it right now..

It's for this reason that SEO campaigns often become bottled up in silos --- sometimes silos of one --- and never reach their full potential.. It's easy to overlook how Much of A group effort a SEO campaign can be with touch points for developers, copywriters, and promoters alike. SEO covers so many different areas of your business and can involve so many people, that sharing information and strategies across any and all possible lines is not only preferable But should be a required part of any engagement..

So, within your organization, Who should you share SEO information and goals with, and what information should be shared ?? Here are a few places to start..

Your Developers

As much as possible,, make sure your development team is kept abreast of the Full scope of SEO changes being Targeted,, instead of just dishing them out on a project-by-Project basis.. By knowing the full picture, they can find opportunities to make SEO Updates to sections that they're currently working on,, and keep themselves from unintentionally creating SEO issues..

Create Lines of communication between your coders and your SEO Expert to keep this important Educational process going,, as well as cut down on the risk that something 'techy' gets lost in translation..

Sharing natural search performance improvements in Traffic,, revenue,, or rankings --- even just top-line results --- can help them see the value of the work they're doing,, and how big a difference coding with SEO Best practices can make,, which encourages more of the same..

Your Copy Team

Whether you're getting or creating basic copywriting Practices and Keyword research as part of your SEO Engagement,, or partaking of a full keyword guide, make sure that your copywriters and anyone who coordinates with them --- Editors,, Merchandisers, Team Leaders, etc. --- receive this information.

Copywriters should naturally be using this information,, but bringing in related teams forms a Second Level of defense for page copy,, product titles and descriptions,, and category names to ensure that you're targeting the right keywords across your site..

Your copy team is another group with whom Sharing natural search performance improvements can help to reinforce the value of following guidelines and in consistently applying the right keywords to the right places.. In fact,, share these improvements with anyone remotely related. You'd be surprised how motivating they can be across the board..

Your PR, Blogging and/or Social Media Teams

As Team Members who are creating external content,, knowledge of the keywords,, pages,, and canon URL structure that you're targeting can really drive additional value from these already important areas..

Your Other Advertising Teams

If you have other Team Members or agencies involved in promoting your site,, be sure to keep them abreast of site or URL structure changes that are coming down the line so that they can adjust ahead of time.. Knowledge of any canonization issues with your site can also help them steer customers to clean versions of URLs in case they then share them elsewhere..

Keeping these Channels open also helps to control display URLs in online and offline ads and prevent sending customers to non-existent sites or pages..

Your Agency or SEO Specialist

This may seem a Little odd to include,, because it should be your agency or expert sharing their knowledge with you,, but it's very Easy to get tunnel vision on the SEO projects you're working on,, and forget to share important site developments which can create new opportunities -- or new challenges --- to your natural search campaign..

Be sure to share plans for changing or relaunching your site,, Traffic/Revenue/Ranking Goals (official and unofficial) and any other site initiatives you're looking to take on..

In the end,, SEO is about sharing rather than about dark mysteries and divining knowledge from inscrutable sources.. It's about sharing your content with the rest of the world by making it easy to read, targeted to the maximum number of highly targeted searches, and bearing the most authority possible..

An SEO campaign should be the same in its execution --- accessible across your organization,, highlighting the right information to the right people and with easy-to-understand results backing up the need to continue cultivating the fruits of your whole team's labor..

Source : Herndon Hasty

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