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What Is Pay Per Click PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is a form of online advertising whereby visitors are directed to an advertiser's website after clicking on an advertisement, and the advertiser pays for each visitor on a per-click basis.
Today we're going to step back and talk about PPC advertising in general.

Each click can be anywhere from 1 pence to several pounds in cost, depending on many factors, including the pay-per-click search engine being used to advertise on, and the search phrase that is being targeted.You pay a certain amount every time a user clicks on an advertisement.

SEO Delhi/NCR India What Is Pay Per Click PPC? Services Consultant Company Training Guru PPC

Perhaps the best example of pay-per-click advertising is Google's PPC advertising called Google AdWords. In the screengrab of a Google search results page below, the PPC results have a red box around them in above.

Google Adwords example

Google Adwords, in a nutshell, works like this; when a Google search engine user types in an applicable search phrase for your business and you are bidding on that search phrase your text ad has a chance to be displayed. You are only charged when the search engine user clicks on your text ad, hence the name pay-per-click.

Successful PPC is made up of these main factors:

1. Bidding on a sufficiently large number of relevant search phrases.

2. Bidding enough for each search phrase so that your text ad appears where it will be seen (for brand awareness) and clicked (to send the search engine user to your web site).

3. Constructing the campaign so it is very targeted.

4. Providing very relevant information for the searchers who click on your text ads.

5. Careful measurement and testing of results.

So these are the major problems web site owners face; how do I come up with 1000s to 10000s of search phrases, how much should I bid for each search phrase, how do I construct a really targeted campaign, how do I provide really relevant information for the searchers and how do I measure and test the whole thing?

PPC Advantages

PPC advertising has several advantages over other forms of online advertising, including:

* You choose your price. You decide what your maximum PPC price is for your ads. For search advertising, you can choose a different price for every keyword you bid on. Clever advertisers find ways to optimize their bids to keep their costs low.
* You choose your keywords. With PPC advertising, you can be very specific about where you want your ads to show. You have total control over your keywords at all times and can make changes on a daily basis. This can be very flexible and responsive to your needs.
* You pay only for success. You pay only when one of your future visitors clicks on your ads. This means that you have the opportunity to convert your visitors to paying customers with each click. Other forms of advertising make you pay even if the visitor never actually makes it to your site.

Try it out

If you're new to PPC advertising, team of customer service and PPC professionals can help you get started. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or call +91-9910621863.

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