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Dear Visitor, Thanks for visiting the Google Sniper Review, this is only a review of the product, if you're looking for the product page, you can find it by Click Here!

When I initial heard about the Google Sniper Course, I was possibly just like you who has approach these sorts of products in the past. Flashy sales sheet, wild income claims, virtually unknown dealer. It all sounds too doubtful to me.. then again, there's not many sales pages that don't well into this category.

So What is The Google Sniper?

The Google Sniper System is about building a particular word press web page, using a particular keyword for the web page, getting a Google top spot using SEG technique and receiving free traffic and then spinning that traffic into buyers using an additional one of finely tuned pre-sell strategy and amassing a conversion rate of an estimated 20%. This sounds remarkable, but the big question is, "does it really do what it says on the tin?"

When you move forward with Google Sniper system, you kind of get that essential emotion, I suppose it is in a way, but once you have done the keyword research and start to construct your sniper site, you soon uncover the real control of this system. It's not about just setting up some word press web page, it's what happens through the process of the sniper site construction and the simple but valuable SEG technique that makes it all seem very exclusive.

Looking for the product page,  Click Here!

The Pre-sell method is what actually matters here to me, I can already obtain traffic but receiving it to convert is another matter. This division has come in very useful for me because I can incorporate the method on some of my further sites, suit's not just confined to the Google Sniper course.

The videos come in handy too, mainly if you're not too well-known with setting up word press or researching keywords etc. The videos are used in reference to the core Google Sniper manual, so you get loser each step of the procedure performed in a live demonstration as you read through the manual.

Looking for the product page,  Click Here!

Overall, the Google Sniper is a great little system, it's well put together and the methods and techniques are exclusive. It's simple yet useful. There are some further investments to be made, such as purchasing a domain name and web hosting but these are pretty cheap to come by these days and setting them up isn't tricky as you have the videos to fall back on to ensure you set up the whole thing correctly

I do have one minor reservation about the system. The problem I see, not taking anything away from the simplicity and effectiveness of Google Sniper, but, there's going tubes lot of these Sniper Sites going around and I just surprise if it's going to become so over saturated with them that Google might finally pick up on it and start slapping these kind of sites, maybe I'm incorrect, let's hope not.

Putting all that aside, I would possibly recommend Google Sniper as an substitute cost effective way to the usual Affiliate Marketing Methods but not as a be all and end all.

Looking for the product page,  Click Here!

If you would like to know more about the Google Sniper and learn how you could be creating your own Google Sniper sites then Click Here!

On the first day of xmas your true love gave you a schadenfreude

Posted by SEO Delhi- Experienced SEO Consultant India, Delhi | 1:43 AM

On the first day of xmas your true love gave you a schadenfreude

Search Engine Reputation Management

Search engines have become trendy these days, and they have become more important than ever on various companies maintaining their personal websites. Businesses however understand that not unless the website has traffic, they are just wasting costs. Therefore, there is the importance of establishing web presence. Basically, the more often a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. In order to make this happen, you will need SEO.

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." Deciding to employ an SEO is a big conclusion that can potentially get better your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation.

Your reputation is an integral part of your industry. If your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is outstanding customer service, information that disputes that claim can be very damaging. Getting your reputation spoiled would mean a fall in rankings. And that is not a good response.

Whether the reputation risk is self inflicted by bad presentation or created by false or misleading information, it can have a caustic effect on your bottom line. It exposes the following:

- Corporate Image
- Regulatory problems
- Branding issues
- Stock Prices
- Revenue performance
- Product/service inferiority

The communicable information gets overlooked always as opposed to what to be paying attention on. The worst is that they consider product reviews, commentary, competitor's comments and blog/forum posts from unhappy customers as appropriate information. People likely will look for these things when getting to know about various corporation products and services. It cannot be set aside, because these are obviously part of a company's identity. Protest sites are becoming increasingly popular because if they are set up properly, as stated above, they can have an effect on your production. The best way to avoid these is to implement a management system.

You might need some backup, and something to do that job is SERM or Search Engine Reputation Management. Search engine reputation management is one way of defensive one company's brand or reputation from damaging content through search engine services. They are often employed by companies, in attempts to minimize hurt caused by flame websites, competitors, or even consumers. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Online Content management. Since search engines are in constant change and modifications, it is essential that current and future results are strictly monitored.

As an overview, the use of search engine reputation management minimizes risk of disclosure by uncovering any damaging content, neutering the content by pushing it down in search results or correct any misinformation, and going back to doing what you do best which is running your industry.


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9 Essential SEO Tips for Small Business in 2011 ->

1. Keyword Phrases. One word phrases are a thing of the past time. Yes, it is important to have fixed or specific keywords targeted as they relate to your brand and overall business industry however we have to keep an eye on what phrases people are querying to find us. Delving into your analytics and analyzing how people are finding you and comparing that to what you wish to be found for will help to secure your ranking in the SERP's.

2. Content. The content play most important roll that you are creating. It is not only built around keywords, it is built from what people are going to find useful, has a high propensity to be shared and also to be created from what people would want to link to. The content when we think in the different ways it will be viewed enhances how it is created.

3. Mobile Friendly. As per SEO point of view if a site that is not mobile friendly is losing visitors. We have become a mobile dependent society and adapting your site to mobile devices is not only increasing your chances of searchers having the ability to view your site, it is also securing the trust with them as ultimately when we are searching, we want results. The results via a mobile device need to be more immediate and valuable.

4. Local Search. Local search is still a warm topic. Google Places becoming the default for many industry specific searches has changed the way that people are accepting the search results. This is where the major change has taken place. Users have had to embrace this search result change. They want results that they feel that they faith. Appearing in the results starts the faith.

5. Link Building. A link building tactic that encompasses internal and external linking through directories, reciprocal links as well as engaging in social media through commenting on blogs, creating content that is linked to as well as web pages that are a resource to be linked to is going to point to your site through the search engines as a point of reference and increase your rankings.

6. Canonical Pathway. Creating a clear and precise canonical pathway domain sets to avoid multiple page variations (ie http://www.yourwebsitepage vs http://yourwebsitepage and duplications. The search engine spiders crawl and are unable to determine which the preferred pathway for your site is. Establish one pathway.

7. Crawl Frequency. How often are your pages being crawled? Blogs are crawled and ranked very rapidly. Internal web pages that are not linked to or updated and have high visit volume are not crawled as regularly. Monitor through your cache how often your pages are being crawled to determine which pages need to be crawled more regularly and this also can give some insight as to when a new page or blog (for those that are not blogging every day) should be posted to ensure that the page is being crawled and indexed when the crawlers are crawling.

8. Photo Alt Tags. Alt tagging photos seems sometimes to be forgotten. The spiders cannot see the photo, but they can see the text that is associated with the photo. Creating alt tags that contain keywords are not only preventing the stop gap for the spiders, it is allowing an extra source for keyword density.

9. Site Speed. The speed in which your site downloads matters. Visitors will click off a site is taking too long to load. The faster the site loads the more time is spent on the site. This not only is beautiful to the user, but the speed of a site matters to the search engines. Of course, the content will outweigh the speed but if you have great content that is slow and people will not wait for it, the search engines will not rank it.

These tips are necessary to be ready for 2011. Search is only growing as we see users engage online for longer periods and having an ability to do so on the run. Mobile usage, desktop/laptop usage while at work and at home will continue to increase. People are online and trust the search engines to give them results. Can the search engines faith you to give them what they need to rank you?

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Online businesses are being warned to prepare to vary their SEO strategies yet again, with Google launching an additional update for its search results page which allows users to view a rapid sample screenshot of every listed website.

This change could actually alter how businesses come up to online search rankings, but also impacts design. The attribute comes after Google has introduced both the Instant and Google Places updates in an attempt to pack in as a lots of information as possible into the home page.

"For a lot of Web 2.0 companies, their image is a part of their brand, and so this could be an important change for them," Datalink marketing director Sean Fishlock says.

Google says the update will be rolling out to 100% of users around the world over the next few days, including Australia. The company argues the new attribute will make it easier and faster for users to find what they desire.

"Instant Previews provides a graphic overview of a search result and highlights the most appropriate sections, making finding the right page as quick and easy as flipping through a magazine," the company said in a blog post.

The company references testing which shows users of Instant Previews are 5% more likely to be fulfilled with the results they click on.

"Instant Previews can be helpful for a lot of kinds of tasks. For example, say you looked at a page before and need to find it again — with a preview, you can tell if any of the results look familiar. Or perhaps you're looking for an official website — look for a logo and formal style and you'll probably be able to recognize it."

The update doesn't actually change the work of the search results page. Users still search the way they always have, by typing a query into the text box and then pressing enter.

But as users scroll down the results and highlight each result with their mouse, they will notice a pop-up box come alongside each result. In this pop box Google will offer a simply screenshot of the site's front page.

Google also said this feature only works because of speed, noting that previews are usually identified in under one-tenth of a second. "Once you click the magnifying glass, we load previews for the other results in the background so you can flip through them without waiting."

Of course, this change has big ramifications for SMEs operating online. Experts warn that not only will design now become a critical factor in making sure click-through rates remain the same, but AdWord users could also be affected.

"For example, colours, logo positions/size and site layout... are just some of the things that will need to be taken into consideration when building landing pages," Greenlight pay per click manager Jim Warren said overnight.

"You can be sure a negative reaction to a site layout or colour design of a website in Quick View would have an effect on AdWords users percentage click-through rates, something they have not had to worry about in the past."

Fishlock agrees, and says design – which until now hasn't been an issue in generating traffic from Google – could now become more of a crucial part of the SEO process.

"Quite possibly you could see sites with lower rankings actually getting higher clicks, but it obviously depends on the client," he says.

"There are only certain amounts of information people are able to tell without clicking on a site and seeing the full size image. So there are different usability aspects here, because not every site uses the bold, front page approach. Quite possibly it could change some approaches."

Warren also warns these changes will make the SEO game even harder for SMEs, given that rankings are no longer the indicator of whether a site is actually relevant or not. He argues that a well-designed site ranking in third place will no longer have as much of a inconvenience against the two sites ranked above it.

"The page ranking in third could be of much higher quality and may actually be what users are looking for. Google sees time and time again that previews of two results are viewed, but the site in third gets 90% of clicks – a clear sign it is what users are looking for."

Monte Heubsch, chief executive of SEO firm Aussieweb, warns businesses may see a drop in click-through rates if they aren't putting enough emphasis on their design.

"This is going to require businesses to work on first impressions. If they don't like what they see, they're gone. It's like dating in that sense. If a girl takes one look at you and doesn't like you, she'll give you the flick."

"Google is doing a lot of disruptive stuff now that could impact on clicks. As it starts bringing in data with Google Places and so on, people are actually going to stop clicking on links less and less if you can actually get the information beforehand. Businesses need to be aware of that."

By: Patrick Stafford

What is Google Instance?

Posted by SEO Delhi- Experienced SEO Consultant India, Delhi | 12:33 AM

What is Google Instance?

That is because, Google has started instant search. Not only Google logo, if you type any text for search and delete it with Backspace, the same will happen. So when they are displaying search results, if there is nothing in the search box, they display blank results page with search at the top.

Reading Mind and Changing Eyes both get together in Google Instant Search.

What is Google Instance?

• Search Result instantly changes when you typing terms in...
• Little Bit Fluctuating Eyes on SERP
• Scope of Search increases due to Instant keyword search trigger

Google Instance

(You Can ON/OFF the Instant Search Option: above in Figure...)

Have a look on how fragmented search query affected the Generated SERP

What is Google Instance?

Google Increases his paid advertisement clickable scope mean 5-6 times more money making possibility through Sponsored and Paid search.

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