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Tips for link building

Posted by SEO Delhi- Experienced SEO Consultant India, Delhi | 10:43 PM

Tips for link buildingLets make a list of tips for link building. I’ll start the ball rolling, by the end of comments I will compile the top 20 tips so you too can become a professional link builder.

1) Check out backlinks to your competitors website, make a list of these links and by the time you have researched a number of sites you should start to see a pattern emerging.

2) When negotiating links, think very carefully as to the angle you will approach the webmaster with. OK, that link may benefit you, but what does he/she get in return ?

3) What methods will you employ to make sure the links remain on your chosen site ?

4) ( I always struggle with this one) Determine if the site is a good linking partner. What’s the nature of the site? What impact will it have on your site if you link to it ? Who owns the site ? ( Some people such as Dave get a gut feeling about a site, but here we need to establish a definite method for filtering out the crap)

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