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" Site Management Organization; performs and manages research for individual Investigative Sites. SMOs' responsibilities include patient recruitment and protocol management."

* A lot of people know about search engine optimization, or SEO, but SMO is a relatively new term. It stands for social media optimization and goes along with the phenom of “Web 2.0.” SMO is another technique to help a website or brand show up in the search engines.

Social Media Optimization basically includes placing a website/person/product/service on the various social media networks (Facebook, Ning, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.), and social bookmarking sites (, Mixx, BackFlip, Digg) so that the search engines see more inbound links.

The trick is to know which ones of the hundreds out there of Social Media sites are the best. Another interesting ebook is The Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Social Marketing Sites . Bill Ortell has taken the time to go through the many sites and subject them to specific criteria. He examines social networks, bookmarking sites, and video sites. I heartily recommend this book as an excellent place to start.

* Social media optimization is in many ways a technique of Internet marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites, and therefore, you require through Social media optimization (SMO) professionals who could create an impact which is not only optimized to potential but also ethical.

Social media optimization could be considered as one of the methods of search engine marketing, yet there are few differences too. The main focus of Social media optimization is to drive traffic from sources other than search engines. However, improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO.

Is SMO The New SEO?

Well, the short answer is “no”.

What is SMO? Social Media Optimization. In other words, infiltrating social media sites like FaceBook, YouTube etc to get your marketing messages across.

“I am not even sure that corporations fully understand and appreciate SEO yet and it’s been around for a good 10 years now. I think SMO will be different though, ’social’ everything seems to be taking off right now at warp speed and the companies that don’t start participating will be left behind.“

The environment is a bit Different with Social Networks. The minute they become obviously compromised by marketing messages, their value quickly disappears. The same thing nearly killed search engines. Google got around this problem by introducing trust markers that are increasingly hard to game.. The same thing will happen with social networks, but those trust markers will take a lot longer to build, driving up costs, and reducing the value proposition for short-medium term advertisers. It will also be difficult to measure return quickly and transparently, which is a key value proposition of SEO/SEM..

Still, it will be interesting to see how (if?) social media is monetarised in the coming years. I think it will almost certainly be via fairly traditional advertising methods i.e. page & media views.

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