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If you’re marketing a membership site, or any site for that matter, knowing how to set up a joint venture (JV in short) is one of the best free methods of promotion. In this article, you’ll discover how to increase your chances of growth in getting a reciprocal JV partnership, whether you have a list or not. Are you ready to learn how to set up a joint venture that can explode your earnings? Read on…

Reciprocal joint ventures can be easily understood as the “you market my product, and I will market yours” phenomenon. It is one of the easiest yet most effective methods for making fast money on the internet, simply because you get to leverage from the assets or resources of another marketer.

Once you’ve persuaded a reputable marketer and he accepted your deal, you can expect to make boatloads of money - if your product is in demand and he has a large database of responsive subscribers.

The secret on how to set up a joint venture successfully is to select and convince JV partners who have established credibility in your specific aim market, and who have a special bond or relationship with their audience.

So do you know how to set up a joint venture from the “big dogs” in your field? If you have a good-sized list yourself, then getting a reciprocal JV partnership won’t be difficult, since it’s a win-win situation for both of you when you cross-promote each other’s products.

If you have a sense they won’t promote your product because they’re unsure of the response rates, ask them if you can pay a fixed amount in exchange for them promoting your product. In this case, you can get 100% of the earnings since you will pay them a fixed amount. But to entice them even more, you can pay them a fixed amount for sending your promo email, but with their affiliate links intact. This way, they can be assured of a fixed amount of money plus potential commissions from the mailing. And to make it more worthwhile for them and earn their trust, endorse their products to your list for free, even if you’re paying them to promote yours.

A vital key on how to set up a joint venture is to always think of what’s in it for them. How can they benefit from your JV proposal? How will you get them to accept your offer by receiving something equally (or more) valuable in return? Find out (if you can) what the guru wants most, and give it to him.

Another key is to offer or give first before asking for your request. That means asking how you can help them in their business, and probably promote their product first, before you make your JV proposal. That’s the right way on how to set up a joint venture.

But what if you’re new to the industry and just starting out? How can you increase your chances of setting up a joint venture with a big shark in your industry, if you don’t have a big list or money to offer first?

One solution is to ask if you could do some work for him at no cost. That’s the closest irresistible asset you can offer a top marketer. Since the possibilities of having him partner with you are slim to none (as they receive too many offers in a single day), exchange your time for something that they want or need. This way, you could get the attention of the top-ranked gurus with your irresistible offer.

You can offer your writing or graphics services, or any other work that you think will give a favorable impression. You can make an offer about being in his customer service staff for a period of time. Tell him that there’s no strings attached; you simply want to develop your skills.

The downside of this strategy is the lost time, but at least you’re building that all-important relationship with a top marketer. Once you’ve established a close bond or rapport with the guru, you can subtly ask him if he can take a look at your product and ask his opinion if it’s something that could sell well. If he praises your product, ask him something like, “Since you’ve said that Product XX could sell really well, I was wondering if you’d be willing to tell your list about it.”

By doing this, you’re using the persuasion laws of consistency and reciprocity. The marketer has the tendency to stay consistent with his words, and he’ll want to repay you for all the services you’ve rendered for free.

And to entice him even more, give him the biggest commission you could possibly give. Hey, you could even give him 100% commissions if your aim is to build a customer list which you can market to, as many times as you want.

So know that you know how to set up a joint venture, whether you have an existing list or not, go out there and make some money!

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