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SEO Optimization Techniques

Posted by SEO Delhi- Experienced SEO Consultant India, Delhi | 5:13 AM

SEO Optimization Techniques
SEO Optimization Techniques
SEO Optimization Techniques
SEO Optimization Techniques
SEO Optimization Techniques
SEO Optimization Techniques
SEO is such a hot topic these days. How do you get your web site within the first page or two of the search engines? How do you increase your Google page rank?
However, there are some simple things you can do when building your site that will help increase your site chances of having good results. In no particular order, below are 10 of these items…

1. Title Tag : The TITLE tag should be kept between 60 - 90 characters in length. I've consider many conflicting reports on TITLE length, but a good practical tutorial guide is Google. In search results, Google currently displays only approximately 65 characters of the title - some engines display more. Keeping this in mind, have the most important keywords at the beginning of your title.

2. Meta Tags : The Meta tag in html is not a required tag when you're creating your web pages; many pages don't use the tag at all, and I must confess that I've not used it on my home page, although I put it into this page by way of demonstration. To put it briefly, the meta tag is only used by search engines to permit them to more accurately list your site in their indexes. Sometimes.

3. Proper Use of Heading Tags : H1 should be used for the top level headings, so depending on it's context h1 should then be followed by the sub heading h2, then h3 and so on.Using an h1 for the main heading on the page, such as contact us is the way I would go.

4. Alt Attributes on Images : In Internet market its very important to Optimizing images in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites. The ALT attribute is a critical step that is often overlooked. This can be a lost opportunity for better rankings.

5. Title Attributes on Links : The title attribute can be used on nearly every element and is even compulsory on several Frames.

6. XML Sitemap : XML Sitemap automatically creates a site map that conforms to the specification. This helps search engines keep their search results up to date.

7. Relevant Content : Relevant Content is very critical to achieving effective Internet marketing strategies and is the key to the implementation of organic search engine optimization. Web Page Content should always be Unique and focused directly on the product or services that are being promoted.

8. Link Building : Without proper link building, your site will not rank competitively. Plain and simple. According to Google, "webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages".

9. Social Media : In Today Social Media is a moderated online business community for Social Media blogger, marketers, PR, and media professionals.

10. A Few SEO Don’ts — Flash and Splash : By Flash and Splash we can create animated text effects - such as intros, splash screens and banners for your website- fast and easy. It is a very compact tool based on a wide range of animation templates.

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