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Posted by SEO Delhi- Experienced SEO Consultant India, Delhi | 10:56 PM

Question : To buy or not to buy; that is the question in link building today.

By John Lessnau. He's the owner of LinkAdage and LinkXL and always gets asked, "should I buy links? What links? Will I get banned?"

But he narrows it down: if you buy links, what kind of links should you buy?
It depends - how old is your site? If you have an older site that has a lot of links which count in Google, you can slip in a few extra links.
How many links do you have now? If you have tons, it's easier to slip in a few paid links.

Are you happy with your website traffic? Some people buy links in lots of websites even though they're ranked high position for the big search term. Don't take that risk.

What is your risk tolerance today? There's a big risk/reward deal with buying text links today. There's one site out there that ranks #1 for a competitive key word and they're buying all kinds of backlinks like Russian, Chinese, etc.

Do you get natural links for your websites? If you're getting tons of natural links, don't buy links. As people to link to you and change the anchor text that works for you a little bit better. If they like your site enough, maybe they'll listen.

Is your site come under the radar? Are you selling toenail clippers and want to rank on the front page? You might be able to buy 5 links and get in the front page. But on the other hand, if you're in the competitive areas like Rx, casinos, mortgages, it will take too much harder.

Why buy we links in today?

- It's the only realistic way to get decent links
- Shortcut to better natural rankings: if you're willing to take the risk, there can be great rewards.
- Instant gratification
- Hopelessness
- Keep up with the competition
- PR envy

What kind of links should you buy in today?

- Well, don't go to pages that has unrelated links that has an "Add URL" link added.
- Don't go to PR8 sites with contextual links that have descriptions.
- Do go to links that fit among the content.
- Here's a site that screwed up: PR7 and sells links at $100/month. The next week, it had more links and was a PR5.

Way to find paid Link :

- Check site back link by this method
link: (Go to first in Google search engine)
- Check site cached page by this method
site: (Go to first in Google search engine)

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