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What Is The Google Dance ? SEO Consultant Delhi/NCR India provided SEO Services Training Web application in India

What Is The Google Dance ?

During a Google update, the SERPs returned by Googles various datacenters are different, some showing the new SERPS and some showing the old ones. The SERP placement of a site will change from minute to minute and this is referred to as Google "dancing"

The name "Google Dance" has often been Used to describe the Index update of the Google Search Engine. Google's Index update occurred on average once per month. During an Index update there was significant movement in search results and Google showed new backward links for pages. However, in mid-2003 Google started to update it's Index continuously. It appears that, still, there has to be an update of the complete Index once in a while and during this time new backward Links are shown. But, because of the continuous update, the effects on search results seem to be rather insignificant.

We will keep this Site up running because it provides some information beyond the Google Dance. But there will no longer be a monitoring of updated data centers during a "Dance".

The Technical Background of the Google Dance

The Google Search Engine pulls its results from more than 10,000 servers which are simple Linux PCs that are used by Google for reasons of Cost. Naturally, an Index update cannot be proceeded on all those servers at the same time. One server after the other has to be updated with the new Index.

Many webmasters think that, during the Google Dance, Google is in some way able to control if a server with the new Index or a server with an old Index responds to a search query. But, since Google's Index is inverse, this would be very complicated. As we will show below, there is no such control within the system. In fact, the reason for the Google Dance is Google's way of using the Domain Name System (DNS).

Google Dance and DNS

Not only Google's Index is spread over more than 10,000 servers, but also these servers are, as of now, placed in 13 different data centers. These data centers are mainly located in the US (i.e. Santa Clara, California and Herndon, Virginia) and in Dublin, Ireland.

In order to direct traffic to all these data centers, Google could thoeretically Record all queries centrally and then send them to the data centers. But this would obviously be inefficient. In fact, each data center has its own IP address (numerical address on the internet) and the way these IP addresses are accessed is managed by the Domain Name System.

Importance Of The Google Dance

For Most People, this event in and of itself was not important. However for anyone in the Search Engine Optimization industry it was a period of note. Pages got temporarily dropped. Sometimes it lasted a day. People panicked. Then they are re-added, and they are better placed than before, and things calmed down. It's interesting to see how overpoweringly important this one engine is. For more information on about this Search Engine, or any other, please read our sections on The Search Engines.

Now, if you want Googles definition of the Event, visit their page about the Google Dance. Looks like fun.

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Caffeine update & what it means for SEO, SEO Consultant India , SEO Delhi/NCR India

Google has Today announced some major Infrastructure changes to improve indexing capability, Speed & accuracy of the search results. Unlike other updates which suddenly appear without warning Google has provided a Preview of the new search results at The results are for the US but you can add &gl=uk to the end of the query string to get UK specific Results.

From the announcement:

For the Last several months, a large team of Googlers has been working on a secret project: a next-generation Architecture for Google’s web search. It’s the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness & other dimensions.

It’s important to note that this is a rewriting of the core infrastructure & not an algorithm change intended to alter the rankings. Having said that it’s highly Likely that some rankings will change as a result of factors such as:

* Google indexing more pages and therefore more links
* The ability to add more factors into the authority algorithm in the future
* Faster re-indexing of Pages

This final factor is probably based on the speed of re-spidering old pages rather than indexing new pages – Google is Pretty fast at that already. There will probably be some improvements in the few minutes it takes from hitting Publish on a new Article to that article actually ranking as well as hopefully some better real time PageRank calculations rather than the current reliance on Authority and freshness for breaking news stories.

Thanks to the current instability of the search results in Google there seems to be little point testing the new System because you will get different rankings every few hours.

Also extra features such as query deserves freshness have not been Layered on to the new system yet so you won’t see any breaking news stories given the same boost as in the normal Google (Try searching for some celebrity names to see this in action).

Most people are Reporting very similar results although a few brand sites are not doing quite as well as after the brand update and price comparison portals in the Finance/Insurance industry seem to be doing quite well.

Source : Patrick Altoft

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Google SEO at the Top of Web Marketing Tactics By SEO Delhi/NCR India SEO Consultant Delhi India providing SEO Services

" Businesses today need a Web presence to keep up with the competition. A recent survey by Forbes polled marketers to find out the best way to go about boosting Web performance. "

The challenge For Businesses is to use the best methods available to get more eyes Viewing their goods.. But what is the Best Method??

According to a recent study published by Forbes, The best way to generate conversions is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Out of all the marketers polled, 48% reported SEO to be the best method, and 53% of marketers with budgets over $1 million prefer SEO as the core of Web success.

"SEO greatly enhances your chances to be found on the Web," said Ali Husayni, president of Sinai Marketing, a SEO company. "Even the biggest businesses can get lost in the vastness of the Web. If it were easy to have a place on the top of Google, companies like Sinai wouldn't exist. It is a delicate business, but it has proven to work.."

SEO helps a Web site's visibility by refining the site's Language so that it becomes a stronger choice when a Web surfer performs a search.. "The key is to recognize your key audience and think like them," said Husayni. "For instance, if Sinai is working on dental Web Site Marketing for a client, we have to think in terms of what words people use when they search for a dentist. Then we build the client's entire Google Marketing Efforts around those 100-200 words."

Google SEO companies like Sinai have to pump fresh content on to the sites as well.. This reinforces those pivotal keywords and strengthens a site's results on the search engines. Everything from Building a client's Web site to creating press releases,, articles,, and other forms of content to disseminate across the Web is all a part of the SEO process says Husayni. "We've bumped clients up from practically nonexistent rankings on any search engine from Yahoo! to MSN to Google. It can take time, but it works," said SEO and Google marketing expert Husayni.

Secondary methods from the poll included e-mailing and e-newsletter tactics, followed by pay-per-click/search methods. Tertiary tactics included behavioral targeting, sponsorships, viral marketing, ad networks, video ads, and more.

What is Sinai Marketing ?

Sinai Marketing

Sinai Marketing, Inc. was established in 2004. Since then, its team has done its best to master industry-standard SEO techniques and develop new ones..

Sinai's code-efficiency optimization techniques,, along with the Highest Quality link building methods are what guarantee its clients' Web sites success on the search engines.

2009 Sinai Google SEO Marketing. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Sinai Marketing is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this press release is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

Source : Forbes

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