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If you’re marketing a membership site, or any site for that matter, knowing how to set up a joint venture (JV in short) is one of the best free methods of promotion. In this article, you’ll discover how to increase your chances of growth in getting a reciprocal JV partnership, whether you have a list or not. Are you ready to learn how to set up a joint venture that can explode your earnings? Read on…

Reciprocal joint ventures can be easily understood as the “you market my product, and I will market yours” phenomenon. It is one of the easiest yet most effective methods for making fast money on the internet, simply because you get to leverage from the assets or resources of another marketer.

Once you’ve persuaded a reputable marketer and he accepted your deal, you can expect to make boatloads of money - if your product is in demand and he has a large database of responsive subscribers.

The secret on how to set up a joint venture successfully is to select and convince JV partners who have established credibility in your specific aim market, and who have a special bond or relationship with their audience.

So do you know how to set up a joint venture from the “big dogs” in your field? If you have a good-sized list yourself, then getting a reciprocal JV partnership won’t be difficult, since it’s a win-win situation for both of you when you cross-promote each other’s products.

If you have a sense they won’t promote your product because they’re unsure of the response rates, ask them if you can pay a fixed amount in exchange for them promoting your product. In this case, you can get 100% of the earnings since you will pay them a fixed amount. But to entice them even more, you can pay them a fixed amount for sending your promo email, but with their affiliate links intact. This way, they can be assured of a fixed amount of money plus potential commissions from the mailing. And to make it more worthwhile for them and earn their trust, endorse their products to your list for free, even if you’re paying them to promote yours.

A vital key on how to set up a joint venture is to always think of what’s in it for them. How can they benefit from your JV proposal? How will you get them to accept your offer by receiving something equally (or more) valuable in return? Find out (if you can) what the guru wants most, and give it to him.

Another key is to offer or give first before asking for your request. That means asking how you can help them in their business, and probably promote their product first, before you make your JV proposal. That’s the right way on how to set up a joint venture.

But what if you’re new to the industry and just starting out? How can you increase your chances of setting up a joint venture with a big shark in your industry, if you don’t have a big list or money to offer first?

One solution is to ask if you could do some work for him at no cost. That’s the closest irresistible asset you can offer a top marketer. Since the possibilities of having him partner with you are slim to none (as they receive too many offers in a single day), exchange your time for something that they want or need. This way, you could get the attention of the top-ranked gurus with your irresistible offer.

You can offer your writing or graphics services, or any other work that you think will give a favorable impression. You can make an offer about being in his customer service staff for a period of time. Tell him that there’s no strings attached; you simply want to develop your skills.

The downside of this strategy is the lost time, but at least you’re building that all-important relationship with a top marketer. Once you’ve established a close bond or rapport with the guru, you can subtly ask him if he can take a look at your product and ask his opinion if it’s something that could sell well. If he praises your product, ask him something like, “Since you’ve said that Product XX could sell really well, I was wondering if you’d be willing to tell your list about it.”

By doing this, you’re using the persuasion laws of consistency and reciprocity. The marketer has the tendency to stay consistent with his words, and he’ll want to repay you for all the services you’ve rendered for free.

And to entice him even more, give him the biggest commission you could possibly give. Hey, you could even give him 100% commissions if your aim is to build a customer list which you can market to, as many times as you want.

So know that you know how to set up a joint venture, whether you have an existing list or not, go out there and make some money!

Good Ranking in Yahoo, MSN & Google SEO Delhi/NCR India SEO Consulting Delhi Company Services SEO US USA India

The king of search engine and the god of search engine "GOOGLE" is going to changing search engine searching algorithm as well as in the current scenario GOOGLE update the page rank which is giving by google to the most searchable website. In this time YAHOO & MSN also cover various large amount of traffic. A customer who has a professional website they must want his website get top position in both search engine. But it is quite may be possible as there is lots of different between Google search algorithm and yahoo search algorithm. But if you want than it can possible you will get good position both search engine in other words we can say that if you want you will get good place of first search result page which is search by specific keywords. Actually each search engine spider want regular updation in your web site so that spider regular visit with in short period. For this each and every page of your website need content update and meta update with in specific time. Lots of people add dynamic content and resent news by news site by using java script but it is not seo friendly as spider can not read this content. For this you want manually article and news section.

A Little Piece of the Google Algorithm

GoogScore = (KW Usage Score * 0.3) + (Domain Strength * 0.25) + (Inbound Link Score * 0.25) + (User Data * 0.1) + (Content Quality Score * 0.1) + (Manual Boosts) - (Automated & Manual Penalties)

KW Usage Factors:

* KW in title tag
* KW in header tags
* KW in document text
* KW in internal links pointing to the page
* KW in domain and/or URL

Domain Strength

* Registration history
* Domain age
* Strength of links pointing to the domain
* Topical neighborhood of domain based on inlinks & outlinks
* Historical use & links pattern to domain

Inbound Link Score

* Age of links
* Quality of domains sending links
* Quality of pages sending links
* Anchor text of links
* Link quantity/weight metric (Pagerank or a variation)
* Subject matter of linking pages/sites

User Data

* Historical CTR to page in SERPs
* Time users spend on page
* Search requests for URL/domain
* Historical visits/use of URL/domain by users GG can monitor (toolbar, wifi, analytics, etc.)

Content Quality Score

* Potentially given by hand for popular queries/pages
* Provided by Google raters (remember Henk?)
* Machine-algos for rating text quality/readability/etc

Obviously, this isn't a perfect summation of the algorithm by any means, but here a strong suspicion that if we were to see the exact algorithm in perfect form, we'd see that a lot of these factors are strongly reflected in the weighting. There would most likely also be a lot of the factors from this list, but for brevity's sake, I figured I'd keep this post short and sweet.

SEO Delhi/NCR India provides Image Optimization Tips SEO Consultant Company Delhi/NCR India

Image Optimization Tips
The panelists offered the following tips for optimizing images for search engines:

* Image originality. The panelists agree that there is a special advantage to taking original photos, even if you are a retailer who already receives photos elsewhere such as from a manufacturer. "The more control you have over the images on your site the better." says Evans. "You can brand them with your logo, url or trademark. It also allows you as the retailer to present the product in the best possible way that will convert with your own audience, not to mention allowing you to present the features in a different way than other competitors.

* Image formatting. Thurow advises saving photos as JPG files, and other graphic image types as GIFs "Search engines are going to interpret a GIF as a standard graphic image with 256 colors," Thurow said, "and JPGs as photos (because photos have millions of colors." says said Shari Thurow, Webmaster and Marketing Director at Grantastic Designs, Inc..

* Image quality. Start off with good quality pictures, and make necessary resolution adjustments between your full size images and your thumbnails. Smith mentions that pictures with good contrast tend to work better. "When they're reduced down to the thumbnail size, stronger contrast is needed to better discern image, which will lead to more people clicking and linking to image." he says.

* Tagging . More content is "King" It's a given to make sure that your images match the actual products and keywords you place in there, along with ample descriptions of what you're featuring. But you should also take full advantage of the many special contextual tags for social sites with image search. Not only are image names given more weight than regular search results, but you can also add special tags such as captions, comments, cross-grouping, location, and themes.

* Expand audience base. Be broad in your subject matter. Image search is not just for retailers directly reaching customers. "There are all sorts of innovative ways you can get people interested in your company and hence build up traffic and conversions. For example, factories might show steps in product manufactures, hotels might show furniture & decorative art in addition to details on their rooms, and restaurants might show picturesque views or special event rooms."

* Image naming. "Make the image names of your files match what is actually represented in the file," says Thurow. "The image name will appear beneath the graphic image in search results. It helps to communicate to searchers that they are viewing the desired graphic image. "Do NOT expect your photo editing program's default settings to give you optimized file names," she continued. "Default names communicate nothing to the search engines on their own. Make sure to set up your own file naming structure in advance."

* Optimize the page with the image. Optimize the page the image appears on can be just as important as optimizing the image itself. "Optimizing the actual page for contextual search improves graphic images search," Thurow added. "Search engines also look at text surrounding a graphic image to determine relevancy." says Thurow. "Text within the anchor tag and next to anchor text is especially going to influence image-search rankings," said Thurow. "If you can reasonably put labels and captions on key graphic images, try and do so."

* Usability is "Queen". According to Thurow, usability is very important in image search optimization. "It's one thing for a graphic image to show up at the top of image search results," she said. "It's another thing to get people to click on the link to the image and go to your site. Writing alternative text (which shows up in Google Image search results) that is keyword stuffed is not going to inspire people to click on the link in that image to your site." Smith also added that sometimes adding a not directly onto a region of a photo can invite users to comment and participate."

* File organization. Both Evans and Thurow mentioned of crucial importance is creating an image folder on your web server space that's accessible to the search engines. "Do not robots exclude your graphic images directory or limit search engine access to graphic-image files." says Thurow. Another big mistake people make is putting their 'click to see larger image' inside of a JavaScript link. When you do that, you are limiting search engines' access to that image file."

* Freshness. Smith recommends that if you're targeting high popularity keywords, try experimenting with re-uploading your pix, since image freshness is a contextual clue for the search engines and might affect relevancy.

So with that in mind, here's 5 tips to make sure you're optimizing your sites images for the search engines.

1. Robots.txt file:Ensure that the folder you are storing your images in is not blocked by your robots.txt file. Prior to the rise in popularity of image search, it was common practice to block the folder images were stored in. Helpful hint: Store your navigational and "structural" type graphics in one folder, and block that from the spiders, store the pictures of products, events, or news related images in another folder and open that one to the spiders.

2. Use the Alt Attribute of the IMG tag: Make sure you are using the "alt" attribute of the image tag. Again, like the image name, don't over do it, but ensure that it describes the image you are trying to present to the user. The attribute should describe the image in a short "to the point" way that reads naturally to the viewer. Helpful Hint: Utilizing the alt attribute also helps visitors who do not run with images on, as well as visitors with disabilities that utilize screen readers to understand what the web page is about.

3. Image File Names:Name your images in a way that describes what they are. Don't get carried away though. If it's a picture of a purple widget, name it purple-widget.jpg, rather than leaving it whatever your camera or photo editing software wants to name it. Helpful Hint: Use dashes between the words, rather than underscores.

4. Include Images With Articles, & Press Releases: If you are sending out an article or a press release, don't forget to include an image, or a url to an image that the news outlets can utilized for their version of your news. By supplying the link to the image, it can encourage them to link to the image itself straight from your own website. Helpful Hint: Adding images to articles and press releases makes them more appealing to the reader.

5. Use a Caption By Your Image:Placing a small caption directly under, on top or on the side of your image will help queue the search engines what the image is about. Helpful Hint: With a caption, you can be a little more descriptive about the picture than with the alt attribute, but again, make it flow natural.

SEO Delhi/NCR India What Is Pay Per Click PPC? Services Consultant Company Training Guru PPC

What Is Pay Per Click PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is a form of online advertising whereby visitors are directed to an advertiser's website after clicking on an advertisement, and the advertiser pays for each visitor on a per-click basis.
Today we're going to step back and talk about PPC advertising in general.

Each click can be anywhere from 1 pence to several pounds in cost, depending on many factors, including the pay-per-click search engine being used to advertise on, and the search phrase that is being targeted.You pay a certain amount every time a user clicks on an advertisement.

SEO Delhi/NCR India What Is Pay Per Click PPC? Services Consultant Company Training Guru PPC

Perhaps the best example of pay-per-click advertising is Google's PPC advertising called Google AdWords. In the screengrab of a Google search results page below, the PPC results have a red box around them in above.

Google Adwords example

Google Adwords, in a nutshell, works like this; when a Google search engine user types in an applicable search phrase for your business and you are bidding on that search phrase your text ad has a chance to be displayed. You are only charged when the search engine user clicks on your text ad, hence the name pay-per-click.

Successful PPC is made up of these main factors:

1. Bidding on a sufficiently large number of relevant search phrases.

2. Bidding enough for each search phrase so that your text ad appears where it will be seen (for brand awareness) and clicked (to send the search engine user to your web site).

3. Constructing the campaign so it is very targeted.

4. Providing very relevant information for the searchers who click on your text ads.

5. Careful measurement and testing of results.

So these are the major problems web site owners face; how do I come up with 1000s to 10000s of search phrases, how much should I bid for each search phrase, how do I construct a really targeted campaign, how do I provide really relevant information for the searchers and how do I measure and test the whole thing?

PPC Advantages

PPC advertising has several advantages over other forms of online advertising, including:

* You choose your price. You decide what your maximum PPC price is for your ads. For search advertising, you can choose a different price for every keyword you bid on. Clever advertisers find ways to optimize their bids to keep their costs low.
* You choose your keywords. With PPC advertising, you can be very specific about where you want your ads to show. You have total control over your keywords at all times and can make changes on a daily basis. This can be very flexible and responsive to your needs.
* You pay only for success. You pay only when one of your future visitors clicks on your ads. This means that you have the opportunity to convert your visitors to paying customers with each click. Other forms of advertising make you pay even if the visitor never actually makes it to your site.

Try it out

If you're new to PPC advertising, team of customer service and PPC professionals can help you get started. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or call +91-9910621863.

SEO Delhi/NCR India Search Engines Rank Sites Keyword Optimization Guidelines links on high-ranking sites SEO Delhi/NCR India

How Search Engines Rank Sites

* Prominence
* Frequency
* Proximity
* Weight or Density
* Placement
* Off-the-Page Criteria

Keyword Optimization Guidelines

* Determine your keyword phrases
* Sort by popularity
* Refine and combine keyword phrases
* Sorty by popularity again (repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed)
* Write a title using your top two to three phrases
* Write a description meta tag
* Write a keywords meta tag
* Add keywords into key tags and attributes, and mix well
* Submit to search engines
* Watch the hits roll in

Here is a Highlights List:

* Target multi-word phrases unless your keywords are unique.
* Gather external links on high-ranking sites like yours through tireless PR and compelling up-to-date content.
* Use word stemming and proximity grouping to maximize hits and minimize words.
* Find your optimum keywords through iteration, popularity, and WordTracker's KEI.
* Write a keyword-rich title tag. Put the top keyphrase up front.
* Use your optimum phrases in your title, h1 through h6, meta description, meta keywords, and body text, and link URLs, text, and title attributes.


The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make finding your website easy for users who are interested in your topic areas or articals. By tagging your pages with the phrases that best match the overall theme of your website, you can ensure that users will find your website when searching for content like yours. Choose popular - but not too popular - phrases that best describe your website, and use them strategically within your pages. Studies have shown that a restrained approach works best with popular search engines like Google.

SEO Services Delhi/NCR India US USA UK SEO Consultant Company SEO Services Delhi/NCR India

Creating a successful Internet presence involves much more than designing a great website. Submitting and promoting your site to the major search engines like google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL also essential. Listing your site with the Search Engines will play a great role in how well your pages rank (PR) and the amount of traffic your website will receive. Lots of companies build excellent website but forget to do some effective search engine romotion and search engine ranking optimization to get good ranking in major search engines like google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.. We work to support your existing search engine marketing , or completely manage, handle your search engine marketing including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine submissions, pay per click campaigns (PPC) and link popularity. SEO is all about links so more the links you have more chances to be ranked on google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. Unless there is an effective promotion done, few are seldom seen by the internet users. They simply don't know the website exists as they never rank at top. With expereince in SEO marketing we can bring your website to good positions where you can look forward to more business.

We Provide Affordable SEO Services in India.

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We offer a affordable range of search engine optimisation (SEO) services .We guarantee that you are Top in 3 or 4 months in google search engine and your businees large.
We also offer quality link building services from India. Links are the one of best way to improve website PR (PageRank) and SERPs (Search Engine Rankings Positions) in all main search engines which includes google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.

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We always respect your privacy. Any information we collect from you, including your email address, will simply be used to send you the information you have requested. This information includes SEO, PPC, search engine marketing / ranking reports, marketing proposals and latest information about search engine marketing.

What information does collect?

You can visit our site and surf it without having to tell us who you are or reveal any personally identifiable information to us. However, we do record your IP address, the keywords on which you found us, the different pages you visit on our web site, the number of times you have visited our web site, and whether or not you filled out a form, or placed an order. We use this information to assist us in our web promotion decisions.

Will any third parties receive my information once I become your customer?

Absolutely not! We never sell, nor lease any information of our visitors or customers to any third parties.

Once I become a customer, what security measures are in place to protect my information? uses secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection. We have security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your user data. Only certain employees that will directly work on your account have access to the information you provide us.

Will you notify me if your privacy policy changes?

We will notify you via email to ask for your permission, and post the new policy changes on our website.

Still If You Have Any Query?

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In general term, there are two types of sitemaps. The first type of sitemap is a HTML page listing the pages of your site.It provide the help for users find the information they need.

And second types is called XML Sitemaps.which is start a capital S . In this way Google can read your all site information.

In its simplest language," A Sitemap is a list of the pages on your website. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process."

Sitemaps are particularly very helpful if:

* Your site has included dynamic content.
* Your site has pages that aren't easily discovered by Googlebot during the crawl process - for example, pages featuring Flash or rich AJAX .
* Your site has a largest full of content pages that are not well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.
* Your site is new and has few links to it. (Googlebot crawls the web by following links from one page to another, so if your site isn't well linked, it may be hard for us to discover it.)

You can also follow a Sitemap to provide Google with additional information about your web site pages, including:

* How often the pages on your web site change. For example, you might update your product page daily, but update your About Me page only once every few months.
* The date of each page was last modified.

Sitemaps also provides extra information about your web site to Google, complementing our normal way of crawling the web. We suppose they will help us crawl more of your web site and in a more timely fashion, but we can't guarantee that URLs from your Sitemap will be added to the Google index. Sites are never penalized for submitting Sitemaps.

Sitemap formats include:

* Video Sitemaps
* Mobile Sitemaps
* News Sitemaps
* Code Search Sitemaps
* Geo Sitemaps

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We are the most reliable source of information for Search Engine Marketing Services, PPC Services , SMO Services etc. here we are trying to provide you best useful and informative Articles for our readers. We keep adding day by day more useful and authoritative articles in order to keep our readers for up to date on important search engine marketing goal , issues and topics. Please visit our Article Section on regular basis to keep yourself updated.

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SEO Company Delhi Ncr India Contact US

I believe that an organization's blog or web site can be more than just another communication vehicle - it is a window to the world that lets you interact, transact, build brands, test products. Users don't come online merely to read, listen, buy or chat - what draws them online is the quality of the experience.
I am proud of my ability of working closely with our customers to achieve excellent results. Using a methodology based on our experience, I identify the ideal mix of strategies to accomplish your specific goals - ensuring both cost-effective marketing solutions and quality results.I am an experienced SEO, with almost 2 years of experience in the Internet marketing industry.I am worked on websites from various industries, including graphic designing, finance, real estate, shopping, Loan and pharmacy.I have decent knowledge of web designing and development.I Also works as a freelance SEO and Internet Business Consultant for various UK, USA & Australia based.
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